Random events

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Random events

Postby BMXER381 » Fri May 09, 2008 12:55 pm

Mystery box
an old man will appear and say "_____ this is for you" it looks like a die but its a mystery box the faster you solve it the better the reward from gems to coins or even a bucket if your reallly slow

Grave Digger
while burying bones you might get this one it involves Milo the gravedigger, who has put the coffins in the wrong grave you need to help him (if you have to many items there is a deposite box for you) take each coffin and click it to see what it has in it then read the gravestone. there are 5 graves and each gravestone has on it something representing either mining, cooking, woodcutting, herblore, and farming. the hardest ones are the farming and herblore because their almost the same thing (if you see a shovel its farming).

this is a deadly event if you are burying bones but very uncommon it has pretty good drops if you beat it. if you are weak or just don't want to fight it, run and it will disappear. it is always a higher lv than you if you are lv 3 it is like lv 19 if you are a ranger you have the advantage get behind something and range it. since they are based on you, it will almost being like fighting yourself
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