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Postby tonyhawk501 » Wed Apr 11, 2007 11:36 pm

gaogier wrote:you mean the mark, its in my head

LOL nice :blob8: :blob6: :happy4: :headbang: :headbang:
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Postby gaogier » Thu Apr 12, 2007 12:05 am

i know, the stange thing is, im forgetful
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Postby tonyhawk501 » Thu Apr 12, 2007 12:52 am

gaogier wrote:i know, the stange thing is, im forgetful

Write it down then =p :edfirst:
Who wants to train range with me on blue dragons when I get Tonyhawk501 back?
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Postby Maggoteer » Thu Apr 12, 2007 5:18 am

Let's get back on topic shall we... keep posting items here people!
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Postby tonyhawk501 » Fri Apr 13, 2007 8:22 pm


Contributors: Bigman686, deadx soulx, tonyhawk501

Mining, Smelting and Crafting!

Clay- 20gp
Copper ore- 10gp
Tin ore- 10gp
Iron ore- 95gp
Silver ore 225gp
Coal ore- 170gp
Gold ore- 300gp
Mithril ore- 450gp
Adamantite ore- 875gp
Runite ore- 12,000gp
Sandstone(all sizes)- 50gp
Granite(all sizes)- 70gp

Bronze bar- 20gp
Iron bar- 200gp
Silver bar- 375gp
Steel bar- 600gp
Gold bar- 400gp
Mithril bar- 1,050gp
Adamant bar- 2,000gp
Rune bar- 14,000gp

Cow hide- 100gp
Snakeskin- 1,000gp
Dagannoth hide- 4,000gp
Green dragonhide- 1,400gp
Blue dragonhide- 2,000gp
Red dragonhide- 3,500gp
Black dragonhide- 4,000gp

Leather- 105gp
Hard leather- 150gp
Snake hide- 1,100gp
Green d-leather- 1,500gp
Blue d-leather- 2,200gp
Red d-leather- 3,700gp
Black d-leather- 4,000gp

Sapphire- 300gp
Emerald- 750gp
Ruby- 1,500gp
Diamond- 3,000gp
Dragonstone- 70,000gp
Onyx- 4,000,000gp
Red Topaz- 30gp
Opal- 70gp
Jade- 30gp

Sapphires- 100gp
Emeralds- 200gp
Rubies- 500gp
Dragonstones- 80,000gp
Onyx- 4,300,000
Red topaz- 55gp
Opal- 90gp
Jade- 55gp

Gold amulet- 100gp
Sapphire amulet- 500gp
Emerald amulet- 1,000gp
Ruby amulet- 3,500gp
Diamond amulet- 7,500gp
Dragonstone amulet- 77,000gp
Onyx amulet- 4,750,000

Amulet of Magic- 500gp
Amulet of Defence- 600gp
Amulet of Strength- 3,500gp
Amulet of Power- 8,750gp
Amulet of Glory- 85,000gp
Amulet of Fury- 5,000,000gp
Amulet of Nature- 80,000gp

Gold ring- 50gp
Sapphire ring- 120gp
Emerald ring- 900gp
Ruby ring- 3,000gp
Diamond ring- 5,000gp
Dragonstone ring- 65,000gp
Onyx ring- 4,500,000gp

Ring of Recoil 125gp
Ring of Dueling- 2,000gp
Ring of Forging- 3,000gp
Ring of Life- 6,000gp
Ring of Wealth- 65,000gp
Ring of Stone- 4,500,000gp

Gold necklace- 150gp
Sapphire necklace- 700gp
Emerald necklace- 1,000gp
Ruby necklace- 2,500gp
Diamond necklace- 5,000gp
Dragonstone necklace- 50,000gp
Onyx necklace- 3,700,000gp

Games Necklace- 700gp
Binding Necklace- 1,000gp

Blessed Holy Symbol- 400gp
Unblessed Symbol- 100gp
Unholy symbol- 500gp
Tiara- 150gp

Flax- 120gp
Bowstring- 160gp
Magic string- 80,000gp
Wool- 50gp
Ball of wool- 100gp
Unpowered orbs- 1,000
Powered orbs- 1,400
Molten glass- 1,000gp
Snelms- 400gp
Soda Ash- 500gp
Buckets of Sand- 125gp
Seaweed- 450gp

Soft clay- 20gp - 80gp
Pot- 5gp
Bowl- 5gp
Pie dish- 10gp
Vial- 125gp
Beer glass- 5gp
Fish bowl- 1,000gp
Lantern lens- 50gp

Battlestaff of air- 7,100gp
Battlestaff of water- 7,100gp
Battlestaff of earth- 7,100gp
Battlestaff of fire- 7,100gp
Candle Lantern- 750gp

Oil Lamp- 1,500gp
Oil Lantern- 3,000gp
Bullseye Lantern- 7,000gp

Woodcutting and Fletching!

Regular log- 100gp
Oak log- 20gp
Willow log- 35gp
Teak log- 400gp
Maple log- 100gp
Mahogany log- 800gp
Yew log- 300gp
Magic log- 1,000
Achey tree log- 4gp
Bark- 1,000gp

Regular longbow (u)- 5gp
Regular shortbow (u)- 10gp
Oak longbow (u)- 15gp
Oak shortbow (u)- 15gp
Willow longbow (u)- 20gp
Willow shortbow (u)- 20gp
Maple longbow (u)- 30gp
Maple shortbow (u)- 32gp
Yew longbow (u)- 525gp
Yew shortbow (u)- 175gp
Magic longbow (u)- 1,050gp
Magic shortbow (u)- 450gp

Shortbow: 5gp
Longbow: 8gp
Oak shortbow: 10gp
Oak longbow: 15gp
Willow shortbow: 20gp
Willow longbow: 32gp
Maple shortbow: 40gp
Maple longbow: 64gp
Yew shortbow- 125gp
Yew longbow- 520gp
Magic shortbow- 630gp
Magic longbow- 1,150gp
Comp Ogre bow- 180gp

Bronze arrows- 10gp
Iron arrows- 20gp
Steel arrows- 35gp
Mithril arrows- 70gp
Adamant arrows- 125gp
Runite arrows- 400gp
Arrow shafts- 10gp
Headless arrows- 20gp
Feathers- 10gp

Bronze brutal- 5gp
Iron bruta-l 10gp
Steel brutal- 20gp
Black brutal- 35gp
Mithril brutal- 55gp
Adamant brutal- 120gp
Rune brutal- 475gp

Bronze arrowtip- 7gp
Iron arrowtip- 12gp
Steel arrowtip- 28gp
Mithril arrowtip- 50gp
Adamant arrowtip- 105gp
Rune arrowtip- 375gp
Pearl bolttip- 100gp
Opal bolttip- 120gp
Barbed bolttip- 140gp

Bolts- 10gp
Pearl-tipped bolts- 150gp
Opal-tipped bolts- 200gp
Barbed-tipped bolts - 175gp

Bronze knife- 10gp
Iron knife- 30gp
Steel knife- 45gp
Black knife- 110gp
Mithril knife- 100gp
Adamant knife- 225gp
Rune knife- 500gp

Bronze dart- 5gp
Iron dart- 17gp
Steel dart- 37gp
Black dart- 80gp
Mithril dart- 90gp
Adamant dart- 210gp
Rune dart- 400gp

Bronze darttip- 7gp
Iron darttip- 15gp
Steel darttip- 27gp
Mithril darttip- 90gp
Adamant darttip- 190gp
Rune darttip- 370gp


Air rune- 20gp
Water rune- 10gp
Earth rune- 10gp
Fire rune- 10gp
Body rune- 5gp
Mind rune- 25gp
Cosmic rune- 275gp
Chaos rune- 90gp
Nature rune- 300gp
Death rune- 280gp
Law rune- 320gp
Soul rune- 400gp
Blood rune- 600gp

Dust rune- 1,000gp
Lava rune- 1,000gp
Mud rune- 1,000gp
Mist rune- 1,000gp
Smoke rune- 1,000gp
Steam rune- 1,000gp

Rune essence- 20gp
Pure essence- 55gp

Elemental talisman- 3,000gp
Air talisman- 200gp
Water talisman- 300gp
Earth talisman- 300gp
Fire talisman- 300gp
Body talisman- 100gp
Mind talisman- 300gp
Cosmic talisman- 3,000gp
Chaos talisman- 4,000gp
Nature talisman- 10,000gp
Death talisman- 70,000gp

Air tiara- 450gp
Water tiara- 450gp
Earth tiara- 450gp
Fire tiara- 450gp
Body tiara- 145gp
Mind tiara- 450gp
Cosmic tiara- 8,000gp
Chaos tiara- 7,000gp
Nature tiara- 20,000gp
Death tiara- 90,000gp


Bones- 40gp
Wolf bones- 200gp
Burnt bones- 50gp
Monkey bones- 45gp
Bat bones- 50gp
Big bones- 400gp
Jogre bones- 350gp
Zogre bones- 450gp
Baby dragon bones- 600gp
Dragon bones- 2,500gp
Wyvern bones- 1,700gp
Fayrg bones- 4,300gp
Raurg bones- 5,500gp
Ourg bones- 8,000gp

Loar remains- 200gp
Phrin remains- 300gp
Riyl remains- 400gp
Asyn remains- 500gp
Fiyr remains- 600gp


Half key- 40,000gp
Crystal key- 85,000gp
Muddy key- 6,000gp
Sinister key- 25,000gp
Maze Key: 1gp
Dusty Key: 1gp
Ogre Coffin key- 100gp
Brass key- 25gp

Herblore and Farming!

Unidentified herb- 1,500gp
Guam leaf- 300gp
Marrentill- 400gp
Tarromin- 700gp
Harralander- 900gp
Ranarr weed- 6,000gp
Toadflax- 2,500gp
Irit leaf- 1,700gp
Avantoe- 1,900gp
Kwuarm- 3,500gp
Snapdragon- 6,500gp
Landatyme- 3,500gp
Cadantine- 2,500gp
Dwarf weed- 4,000gp
Torstol- 10,000gp

Unicorn horn dust- 700gp
Limpwurt root- 750gp
Chocolate dust- 325gp
Red spiders' eggs- 600gp
Mort myre fungi- 575gp
Snape grass- 900gp
Toad's legs- 400gp
White berries- 1,000gp
Yew roots- 40,000gp
Ground blue dragonscale- 1,300gp
Wine of zamorak- 1,500gp
Cactus spine- 4,000gp
Coconut milk- 4,000gp
Potato cactus- 1,500gp
Jangerberries- 700gp
Magic roots- 67,000gp
Crushed bird's nest- 2,500gp
Poison ivy berries- 4,800gp

Attack potion- 120gp
Strength potion- 700gp
Defence potion- 600gp
Super attack potion- 1,500gp
Super strength potion- 3,000gp
Super defence potion- 2,700gp
Antipoison- 250gp
Relicym's Balm- 200gp
Restore potion- 105gp
Energy potion- 600gp
Agility potion- 4,500gp
Prayer restore potion- 7,00gp
Super antipoison- 2,000gp
Fishing potion- 1,700gp
Super energy potion- 2,250gp
Weapon poison- 3,500gp
Super restore potion- 6,500gp
Antidote(+)- 7,000gp
Anti firebreath potion- 6,00gp
Ranged potion- 3,400gp
Weapon poison(+)- 5,000gp
Magic potion- 7,000gp
Zamorak potion- 11,000gp
Saradomin brew- 11,000gp
Antidote(s)- 9,000gp
Weapon poison(s)- 15,000gp

Super Set- 8,000gp
Vials of water- 250gp

Potato seed- 5gp
Onion seed- 5gp
Cabbage seed- 20gp
Tomato seed- 75gp
Sweetcorn seed- 750gp
Strawberry seed- 2,000gp
Watermelon seed- 3,000gp
Barley seed- 20gp
Hammerstone seed- 25gp
Asgarnian seed- 30gp
Jute seed- 35gp
Yanillian seed- 75gp
Krandorian seed- 100gp
Wildblood seed- 1,000gp
Acorn seed- 7,000gp
Willow seed- 25,000gp
Maple seed- 40,000gp
Yew seed- 90,000gp
Magic seed- 200,000gp
Apple tree seed- 7,000gp
Banana tree seed- 10,000gp
Orange tree seed- 15,000gp
Curry tree seed- 25,000gp
Pineapple tree seed- 40,000gp
Papaya tree seed- 65,000gp
Palm tree seed- 80,000gp
Redberry Seed- 200gp
Cadavaberry Seed- 200gp
Dwelberry Seed- 200gp
Jangerberry Seed- 1,500gp
Whiteberry Seed- 3,500gp
Poison Ivy Seed- 4,000gp
Marigold Seed- 50gp
Rosemary Seed- 50gp
Nasturtium Seed- 50gp
Woad Seed- 50gp
Limpwurt Seed- 1,000gp
Guam seed- 150gp
Marrentil seed- 250gp
Tarromin seed- 500gp
Harralander seed- 900gp
Ranarr seed- 20,000gp
Toadflax seed- 1,000gp
Gout tuber- 2,000gp
Irit leaf seed- 2,500gp
Avantoe seed- 3,000gp
Kwuarm seed- 7,000gp
Snapdragon seed- 20,000gp
Cadantine seed- 8,000gp
Lantadyme seed- 10,000gp
Dwarf weed seed- 14,000gp
Torstol seed- 15,000gp
Mushroom spore seed- 2,000gp
Cactus seed- 1,500gp
Belladonna seed- 2,000gp
Calquat tree seed- 60,000gp

Oak roots- 2,000gp
Willow roots- 3,000gp
Maple roots- 20,000
Yew roots- 40,000gp
Magic roots- 67,000gp


(The food in this section is raw.)
Meat- 5gp
Shrimp- 3gp
Karambwanji- 10gp
Chicken- 10gp
Sardine- 10gp
Herring- 8gp
Anchovy- 10gp
Mackerel- 20gp
Trout- 30gp
Cod- 30gp
Pike- 35gp
Chompy- 85
Slimy eel- 50gp
Salmon- 40gp
Tuna- 100gp
Cave eel- 50gp
Lobster- 250gp
Bass- 225gp
Swordfish- 300gp
Monkfish- 500gp
Karambwan- 320gp
Shark- 1,000gp
Sea turtle- 3,000gp
Manta ray- 3,000gp

(The food in this section is cooked.)
Meat- 5gp
Shrimp- 3gp
Chicken- 5gp
Karambwanji- 15gp
Sardine- 5gp
Herring- 8gp
Anchovy- 10gp
Mackerel 30gp
Trout- 20gp
Cod -25gp
Pike- 20gp
Slimy eel- 50gp
Salmon- 30gp
Tuna- 100gp
Cave eel- 50gp
Lobster- 250gp
Bass- 230gp
Swordfish- 300gp
Monkfish- 550gp
Karambwan- 325
Shark- 1,000gp
Sea turtle-3,000gp
Manta ray- 3,000gp

Redberry pie- 100gp
Meat pie- 150gp
Apple pie- 150gp
Mud pie- 250gp
Garden pie- 500gp
Fish pie- 800gp
Admiral pie- 1,000gp
Wild pie- 3,000gp
Summer Pie- 5,000gp

Baked potato- 25gp
Potato with butter- 130gp
Chilli potato- 245gp
Potato with cheese- 245gp
Egg and Tomato potato- 350gp
Mushroom and Onion potato- 1,000gp
Tuna and Corn potato- 1,600gp

Cake- 40gp
Chocolate cake- 45gp
Plain pizza- 75gp
Meat Pizza- 120gp
Anchovy pizza- 200gp
Pineapple pizza- 500gp

Cider- 800gp
Dwarven stout- 10gp
Asgarnian ale- 5gp
Greenman's ale- 40gp
Wizard's mind bomb- 5gp
Dragon bitter- 10gp
Moonlight mead- 1,000gp
Axemans folly- 5,000gp
Chef's delight- 15,000
Slayer's respite- 800gp
Jug of wine- 150gp
Bad wine- 1gp
Unfermented wine- 5gp

Mature cider- 1,000gp
Dwarven stout (m)- 200gp
Asgarnian ale(m)- 150gp
Greenman's ale (m)- 900gp
Wizard mind bomb (m)- 800gp
Dragon bitter (m)- 600gp
Moonlight mead (m)- 1,500gp
Axemans folly(m)- 8,000gp
Chef's delight (m)- 30,000gp
Slayer's respite (m)- 1,000gp

Cheese and tomato batta- 100gp
Toad batta- 100gp
Worm batta- 100gp
Fruit batta- 100gp
Veg batta- 100gp
Choc crunchies- 100gp
Worm crunchies- 100gp
Toad crunchies- 100gp
Spice crunchies- 100gp
Choc bomb- 100gp
Veg ball- 100gp
Wormhole- 100gp
Tangled toad's legs- 100gp
Fruit blast- 100gp
Pineapple punch- 100gp
Drunk Dragon- 100gp
SGG (short green guy)- 100gp
Chocolate saturday- 100gp
Blurberry special- 100gp
Wizard blizzard- 100gp

Weapons and Armour!

Archers ring- 2,500,000gp
Berserker ring- 4,300,000gp
Farseers ring- 1,000,000gp
Warrior ring- 1,000,000gp
Seercul bow- 1,100,000gp

Rock-shell helm- 90,000gp
Rock-shell plate- 150,000gp
Rock-shell legs- 115,000gp
Rock-shell boots- 55,000gp
Rock-shell gloves- 55,000gp
Rock-shell set- 450,000gp

Skeletal helm- 100,000
Skeletal top- 200,000gp
Skeletal bottoms- 125,000gp
Skeletal boots- 50,000gp
Skeletal gloves- 40,000gp
Skeletal set- 470,000gp

Spined helm- 40,000gp
Spined body- 100,000gp
Spined chaps- 60,000gp
Spined boots- 25,000gp
Spined gloves- 25,000gp
Spined set- 250,000gp

Dragon med helm- 800,000gp
Dragon chainbody- 25,000,000gp
Dragon sq shield- 2,750,000gp
Dragon plateskirt- 1,100,000gp
Dragon platelegs- 2,600,000gp
Dragon set- 59,000,000gp
Shield left half- 2,000,000gp

Dragon dagger (p)- 35,000gp
Dragon dagger (+)- 55,000gp
Dragon dagger (s)- 70,000gp
Dragon spear- 175,000gp
Dragon spear (p)- 180,000gp
Dragon spear (+)- 200,000gp
Dragon spear (s)- 225,000gp
Dragon 2h sword- 2,500,000gp
Dragon axe- 2,000,000gp

Rune med helm- 10,000gp
Rune full helm- 30,000gp
Rune sq shield- 26,000gp
Rune boots- 125,000gp
Rune kiteshield- 50,000gp
Rune chainbody- 40,000gp
Rune platelegs- 40,000gp
Rune plateskirt- 40,000gp
Rune platebody- 67,000gp
Rune set- 200,000gp (Does not include boots.)

Adamant med helm- 1,400gp
Adamant full helm- 3,200gp
Adamant sq shield- 3,400gp
Adamant boots- 20,000gp
Adamant kiteshield- 6,000gp
Adamant chainbody- 5,500gp
Adamant platelegs- 6,000gp
Adamant plateskirt- 6,000gp
Adamant platebody- 10,000
Adamant set- 32,000gp (does not include boots.)
Mithril med helm- 450gp
Mithril full helm- 1,200gp
Mithril sq shield- 1,100gp
Mithril boots- 7,000gp
Mithril kiteshield- 3,100gp
Mithril chainbody- 1,500gp
Mithril platelegs- 3,100gp
Mithril plateskirt- 2,600gp
Mithril platebody- 5,000gp
Mithril set- 14,000gp (Does not include boots.)

Black med helm- 2,000gp
Black full helm- 1,800gp
Black sq shield- 1,000gp
Black boots- 6,000gp
Black kiteshield- 3,000gp
Black chainbody- 1,500gp
Black platelegs- 3,000gp
Black plateskirt- 1,800gp
Black platebody- 4,800gp
Black set- 10,500gp (Does not include boots.)

Steel med helm 110gp - 160gp
Steel full helm 280gp - 350gp
Steel sq shield 290gp - 330gp
Steel boots 1,800gp - 2,500gp
Steel kiteshield 450gp - 550gp
Steel chainbody 390gp - 450gp
Steel platelegs 650gp - 750gp
Steel plateskirt 650gp - 700gp
Steel platebody 900gp - 1,300gp
Steel set 2,300gp - 3,800gp (Does not include boots.)

Iron med helm- 60gp
Iron full helm- 100gp
Iron sq shield- 130gp
Iron boots- 1,200gp
Iron kiteshield- 150gp
Iron chainbody- 130gp
Iron platelegs- 180gp
Iron plateskirt- 150gp
Iron platebody- 300gp
Iron set- 1,000gp (Does not include boots.)

Bronze med helm- 10gp
Bronze full helm- 30gp
Bronze sq shield- 35gp
Bronze boots- 900gp
Bronze kiteshield- 55gp
Bronze chainbody- 35gp
Bronze platelegs- 55gp
Bronze plateskirt- 55gp
Bronze platebody- 85gp
Bronze set- 325gp (does not include boots.)

Rune dagger- 5,500gp
Rune mace- 9,800gp
Rune sword- 11,000gp
Rune spear- 21,000gp
Rune warhammer- 40,000gp
Rune Scimitar- 30,000gp
Rune longsword- 30,000gp
Rune battleaxe- 55,000gp
Rune 2h sword- 50,000gp
Rune halberd- 95,000gp
Rune claws- 35,000gp

Adamant dagger- 900gp
Adamant mace- 1,100gp
Adamant sword- 1,200gp
Adamant spear- 3,900gp
Adamant warhammer- 4,500gp
Adamant scimitar- 4,800gp
Adamant longsword- 4,000gp
Adamant battleaxe- 4,100gp
Adamant 2h sword- 5,800gp
Adamant halberd- 14,000gp
Adamant claws- 6,500gp

Mithril dagger- 700gp
Mithril mace- 850gp
Mithril sword- 750gp
Mithril spear- 1,600gp
Mithril warhammer- 2,900gp
Mithril scimitar- 1,700gp
Mithril longsword- 1,500g
Mithril battleaxe- 1,300gp
Mithril 2h sword- 3,300gp
Mithril halberd- 7,000gp
Mithril claws- 3,400gp

Black dagger- 190gp
Black mace- 2,800gp
Black sword- 600gp
Black spear- 1,450gp
Black warhammer- 2,100gp
Black scimitar- 4,500gp
Black longsword- 1,000gp
Black battleaxe- 1,100gp
Black 2h sword- 2,900gp
Black halberd- 5,400gp
Black claws- 9,300gp

Steel dagger- 120gp
Steel mace- 130gp
Steel sword- 120gp
Steel spear- 620gp
Steel warhammer- 190gp
Steel scimitar- 280gp
Steel longsword- 260gp
Steel battleaxe- 600gp
Steel 2h sword- 720gp
Steel halberd- 1,800gp
Steel claws- 550gp

Iron dagger- 50gp
Iron mace- 55gp
Iron sword- 60gp
Iron spear- 155gp
Iron warhammer- 100gp
Iron scimitar- 120gp
Iron longsword- 135gp
Iron battleaxe- 160gp
Iron 2h sword- 145gp
Iron halberd- 350gp
Iron claws- 160gp

Bronze dagger- 8gp
Bronze mace- 15gp
Bronze sword- 20gp
Bronze spear- 90gp
Bronze warhammer- 40gp
Bronze scimitar- 65gp
Bronze longsword- 45gp
Bronze battleaxe- 80gp
Bronze 2h sword- 90gp
Bronze halberd- 120gp
Bronze claws- 90gp

Abyssal whip- 2,750,000gp
Toktz-Ket-Xil (shield)- 580,000gp
Obsidian cape- 290,000gp
Granite legs- 110,000gp
Granite shield- 100,000gp
Granite maul- 90,000gp
Crystal seed- 140,000gp

Dharok's helm- 1.2 mill
Dharok's platebody- 1.2 mill
Dharok's platelegs- 700k
Dharok's greataxe- 1.7 mill
Set without greataxe- 3.2 mill
Full set- 4.8 mill

Guthan's helm- 3 mill
Guthan's platebody- 1.4 mill
Guthan's chainskirt- 900k
Guthan's warspear- 5.5 mill
Set without warspear- 5.3 mill
Full set:- 10.8 mill

Torag's helm- 300k
Torag's plate- 550k
Torag's platelegs- 800k
Torag's hammers- 225k
Set without hammers- 2 mill )
Full set- 2.3 mill

Verac's helm- 2.5 mill
Verac's top- 2 mill
Verac's plateskirt- 550k
Verac's flail- 1 mill
Set without flail- 5 mill
Full set- 5.8 mill

Ahrim's hood- 600k
Ahrim's robetop- 900k
Ahrim's robeskirt- 700k
Ahrim's staff-200k
Set without staff- 2.2 mill
Full set- 2.4 mil

Karil's coif- 175k
Karil's leathertop- 390k
Karil's leatherskirt- 300k
Karil's crossbow- 400k
Set without crossbow- 800k
Full set- 1 mill

Bolt Racks- 350gp

Blue mystic boots- 10,000gp
Blue mystic gloves- 10,000gp
Blue mystic robe bottom- 80,000gp
Blue mystic robe top- 120,000gp
Blue mystic hat- 15,000gp
Blue mystic set- 220,000gp

Black mystic boots- 45,000gp
Black mystic gloves- 20,000gp
Black mystic robe bottom- 220,000gp
Black mystic robe top- 250,000gp
Black mystic hat- 55,000gp
Black mystic set- 700,000gp

Gold mystic boots- 30,000gp
Gold mystic gloves- 30,000gp
Gold mystic robe bottoms- 145,000gp
Gold mystic robe top- 160,000gp
Gold mystic hat- 30,000gp
Gold mystic set- 400,000gp

Infinity boots- 800,000gp
Infinity gloves- 660,000gp
Infinity hat- 2,200,000gp
Infinity top- 2,350,000gp
Infinity robe- 3,300,000gp
Mages book- 3,100,000gp

Splitbark helm- 55,000gp
Splitbark body- 90,000gp
Splitbark legs- 85,000gp
Splitbark gauntlets- 35,000gp
Splitbark greaves- 35,000gp

Beginner wand- 30,000gp
Apprentice wand- 380,000gp
Teacher wand- 600,000gp
Master wand- 900,000gp

Green dragonhide body- 7,500gp
Green dragonhide vambraces- 1,800gp
Green dragonhide chaps- 3,500gp
Green dragonhide set- 12,000gp

Blue dragonhide body- 10,000gp
Blue dragonhide vambraces- 3,300gp
Blue dragonhide chaps- 6,000gp
Blue dragonhide set- 20,000gp

Red dragonhide body- 23,000gp
Red dragonhide vambraces- 7,500gp
Red dragonhide chaps- 15,000gp
Red dragonhide set- 45,000gp

Black dragonhide body- 25,000gp
Black dragonhide vambraces- 9,500gp)
Black dragonhide chaps- 18,000gp
Black dragonhide set- 55,000gp

Snakeskin body- 14,000gp
Snakeskin chaps- 10,000gp
Snakeskin bandana- 8,000gp
Snakeskin boots- 5,000gp
Snakeskin v'brace- 6,000gp
Snakeskin set- 50,000gp

Leather body- 25gp
Hardleather body- 60gp
Leather gloves- 5gp
Leather boots- 5gp
Leather vambraces- 10gp
Leather chaps- 25gp
Leather cowl- 10gp
Leather coif- 15gp
Studded body- 700gp
Studded chaps- 600gp


Bronze nails 2gp
Iron nails 15gp - 25gp
Steel nails 25gp - 40gp
Black nails 40gp - 50gp
Mithril nails 90gp - 120gp
Adamantite nails- 250gp e)
Rune nails- 400gp

Plank- 500gp
Oak plank- 600gp
Teak plank- 1,200gp
Mahogany plank- 2,900gp
Who wants to train range with me on blue dragons when I get Tonyhawk501 back?
If you do, pm me!
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Postby gaogier » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:16 pm

nice, we can use this...
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Postby Kyphitz » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:21 pm

technically, its bigmans from his old shop...if he alows us to use it...=)
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Postby gaogier » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:37 pm

old shop?
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Postby Kyphitz » Fri Apr 13, 2007 9:51 pm

FFS N0013 Inc. ... its like the general store me and tony have, or the death coal i use to have....i belive the post is locked in the kbd lair now...
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Postby JasonX » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:00 pm

Death coal?
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Postby gaogier » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:32 pm

ok, you can call it back when you wnat
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Postby Kyphitz » Fri Apr 13, 2007 10:34 pm

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